Cover of novel Confessions of an Internet Pornographer

Cover of novel Confessions of an Internet Pornographer

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Book Review: Why you should read Baseball in April and Other Stories, by Gary Soto

Baseball in April and other Stories is beautiful because of its humility. Mr. Soto’s voice is ordinary, but his words paint clear pictures. He writes with Zen-like accuracy and simplicity.

     The book is a series of short stories about growing up Mexican-American in Southern California. After having re-visited Las Angeles in 2013, it was wonderful to be transported back to the warm cloudless skies of Fresno and Inglewood. The book has a pure Chicano accent and I felt as if I’d met his characters before. The stories do not teach lessons, or have a great moral message – as far as I can see – but that is exactly why I loved this book. Reading the stories felt like looking through a window and watching a few Latino families trying to find happiness, and even some fame, in Southern California.

      I gave this book a 5 star review on Goodreads simply because I couldn’t wait to read it again, every time I put it down. I would save stories for reading at just the right minute. The one entitled, Karate Kid goes great with a cup of coffee and buttered bread. 

Until we meet again, I will continue writing into the woods

Luis Mario

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why you should read Doctor Sleep, by Stephen King

I have not read Stephen King in many years, although I loved him from Carrie to It. It was both an urge to read his writing again, and to find out what happened to the two people who survived the Overlook Hotel, that made me read this book.

The novel was fully satisfying. It answered almost all of the old questions I was hoping he would not ignore. He embraced the old story and weaved it nicely into a new century. Characters are classic King. It is a horror story wrapped in pure Americana - making the incredible seem familiar and thus possible.

I recommend no one read this book before reading The Shinning first, those who do will be rewarded. However the book does stand on it's own and provides a full story to new readers. And yes, Jack Torrance does make a guest appearance!

I now go back to writing into the wind, until next time!